Client: TPO Displays Europe
International manufacturer of high-quality displays for the automotive industry.

Discipline: Technical Management
FITz Recruitment searched for the ideal Automotive Project Manager for TPO. The ideal candidate gained extensive experience in a similar position and with similar products, preferably at an OEM, Tier 1 or Tier 2 player in the German Automotive industry. The candidate was a senior level employee with experience in the entire Automotive chain – from the initial tender process to the production phase. The ideal candidate also possessed excellent communication skills and the ability to identify with our client’s corporate culture and products.

The solution:
FITz first conducted a feasibility study for TPO. After openly discussing our expectations with the client, we launched a direct and indirect search of our network. This provided us with more than enough suitable candidates from the Euregion (EMEA). Following a careful pre-selection round, FITz introduced TPO to three candidates from different countries. TPO was able to successfully select their ideal Automotive Project Manager among these professionals. In our search for the perfect candidate, we did more than find the needle in the haystack: we also found other needles on behalf of our client. TPO decided to take advantage of this strategic lead and expand their collaboration with FITz Recruitment.

Our success factor 
The success of FITz Recruitment varies per assignment. Sometimes we find the ideal candidate with the help of our solid network in the Automotive industry. In this case, an executive search was the best approach. Our personal approach to this search process contributed to a strong sense of satisfaction on behalf of our client and the candidate. Our openness helped us form a bond that marked the beginning of a lasting professional relationship.

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