Client: Anonymous
Our client develops and delivers a wide range of products and services that contribute to research in the field of Life Sciences and Chemicals.

Discipline: Marketing & Sales
Our search for a new Sales Director Europe came during a challenging time for our client. Strategic changes were necessary and the new Sales Director would play a key role therein. The ideal candidate would therefore have a strong personality and be capable of creating synergy and support within the European Business Units. In terms of support, the candidate would be expected to lift the entire European sales organization to a higher level. This required extensive experience in creating and leading sales teams. The candidate was also expected to be multilingual and have a large network within the same customer base as our client.

The solution:
FITz sought a candidate capable of making a big impact on the organization; someone who could convince others of their sales vision and therefore alter the mindset of their team. FITz successfully brainstormed with the client about the specific candidate profile to suit this important position. The ideal candidate would be a key asset and implement the necessary organizational changes and structures. Given the discretion this position demanded, FITz opted for a Direct Search strategy while maintaining the client’s strict anonymity. The search resulted in three excellent candidates who spoke the languages demanded by the organization. Among these candidates, our client successfully found their ideal Sales Director.

The success factor
The decisive factor in successfully filling this position was proving ourselves to be the ideal recruitment partner for our client. Thanks to our industry knowledge, we demonstrated our ability to brainstorm with our client and anticipate future scenarios. Together with the client we ensured that the recruitment solutions of today take into account the changes and challenges of tomorrow. This guarantees an ideal match now and in the future.

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