Client: ID Logistics
ID Logistics is one of the largest international logistical service providers, responsible for the supply chain of companies such as SONY.

Discipline: Purchasing and Logistics
ID Logistics sought a Manager Inventory Control for its extremely advanced logistics center in Tilburg, which transforms inventory management into a true art. The Manager Inventory Control is responsible for overseeing all inventory activities and ensuring the smooth operation of the complex processes associated with it. The ideal candidate for this job will have gained experience at the highest level of 3PL service provision – someone who understands that logistical efficiency is about more than just knowledge and skills of IT and IT systems alone; it’s all about customer satisfaction and customer service.

The solution:
The client was looking for someone with extensive experience in logistics automation; someone with good people skills, who could bring out the best in their team so the department could respond to the customers’ daily inventory needs with maximum flexibility. The FITz network search provided plenty of candidates who were perfectly suited to the position. However, there was only one candidate whose personality matched the corporate culture of ID logistics: open, honest, informal and professional. Someone who could easily find their way through the logistical processes and quickly build relationships with colleagues in various layers of the organization.

The success factor
FITz has filled several positions for ID Logistics, including Warehouse Manager, Logistical Account Manager and Procurement Manager. This recruitment partnership provided us with in-depth knowledge of the corporate structure and culture at ID Logistics, which helped us to initiate a quick and high-quality recruitment and selection procedure among the very best candidates. We also brought the company to the attention of potential candidates. The success factor in this mediation process was the trust our client placed in us and the space they gave us to conduct high-quality intake interviews. The resulting benefit for our client is that FITz was able to quickly find them the ideal candidate for the job.

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