Client: Anonymous
Our client develops and delivers a wide range of products and services that contribute to research in the field of Life Sciences and Chemicals.

Discipline: General Management
FITz went in search of an Operational Director Europe. This is a strategic and demanding position given that it involves running three factories in Europe, bearing legal responsibility for the European headquarters in the Netherlands and chairing the European Regional Leadership Team. In this role, the Operational Director is expected to guide the entire European organization through a period of change. This requires broad cooperation with other leaders in the field of Operations, Sales, Finance, Purchasing and Quality. Firstly, the ideal candidate is expected to gain the trust of the Leadership Team, but also possess enough operational seniority to ensure optimum production quality and production volume.

The solution:
This position calls for a candidate with a keen eye for processes, quality, market knowledge and financial performance. A strong personality who can handle responsibility and combine effective management with production optimization. The candidate must also have the necessary communication skills to inspire and motivate people during change processes and jointly create a strong organization.

The success factor
Our search for this hard-to-fill position started the moment our client themselves had found a potential candidate. As FITz had built up a great deal of credit during earlier recruitment procedures, we were entrusted to find the ideal match. FITz conducted a discrete yet decisive Direct Executive Search which, in no time, led to a candidate who was even better suited to the job and the organization. During the introductory meeting, it became clear that the candidate had also gained the trust of the Regional Leadership Team. With the international organization also thoroughly impressed, we knew we had found the perfect match. The client was very pleased. Our efforts were worth every penny thanks to our client’s preference for finding a better long-term match. The success factor in this FITz match was our client trusting us to find the right candidate and then doing just that. Once again, their faith in our constant high quality was proven in this recruitment assignment.

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